Various items currently for sale, including maquettes for sculpture commissions, prints and other artworks. If you would like to buy please email or phone 00(44) 07773095534 with the item number. Price not including shipping. Thanks! 

No1  "Pinafores" maquette. Original. £350 Terracotta, 34cm x 24cm SOLD

No4 "Sink". edition of 10. £200 Porcelain, 27cm x 27cm.

No7 "Trowel" study. Original. £200. 16cm x 40cm

 No2 "Tools" maquette. Original £350 Terracotta, 34cm x 24cm

No5 "Overalls" maquette. Original. £350 Terracotta, 34cm x 24cm.

No8 "Grenade" Terracotta. Boxed. £40. 8cm x 5cm   

No3 "Uniform" maquette. Original £350 Terracotta, 34cm x 24cm

No6 "Love" Brick. £40 Brickclay. 23cm x 75cm x 110cm SOLD

No9 "East Anglia" Rock Print. £350 unframed Kozo paper. 70cm x 70cm